February 15, 2010


Who are you?
My name is Cam and I like all kinds of noodles, especially ramen. You can learn more about me in this blog's About section, or follow me on my personal blog at camknows.blogspot.com.

Why are you doing this?
Once again, check the About section.

How often do you post reviews?
Right now, I'm trying to post a review at least once per week, but I do not have anything set in stone. I may update more some weeks, and others, I may not update at all. Please be patient with me as I do have other obligations outside of reviewing noodles. ^.^

How does your rating system work?
Oh, I'm glad you asked. I rate noodles and other goodies based on stars (*). The highest rating an item can get is five stars. The overall rating is what you're looking for when comparing different noodles. I also rate the saltiness and spiciness with the star system, but this generally does not effect the overall rating. You can also find information about the brand, location purchased, price, and some nutritional info for each packaged noodle.

How do you cook your noodles?
For my reviews, I cook them exactly as the instructions say. Since I'm allergic to some vegetables and just don't care for them anyway, I do not add any dried vegetables that may come with the item. On a more personal level, I enjoy my noodles a little softer. I almost always add cayenne pepper to give it some spice and occasionally crack an egg or add sliced lunch meat.

Where do you buy your packaged noodles?
I'm lucky enough to live near Seattle, Washington which has a significant Asian American community. Therefore, there are many Asian supermarkets in the area. My favorite stores include Uwajimaya, Ranch 99, and H-Mart. There is also Viet Wah, HT Oaktree Market, and other smaller Asian grocery stores which I have yet to visit. Prices are usually a bit higher than at your typical grocery chain, but not out of reach. You're guaranteed to find a large selection of brick and cup noodles at any of these locations. I typically list where I purchased a certain item in the review and how much I paid for it.

What's your favorite ramen?
Clicking on the "*****" label will take you to my most favorite noodles and other goodies.

Do you like Top Ramen or Maruchan?
I actually love Top Ramen and Maruchan (reviews coming soon). After all, it's what I grew up on. Both contain some natural ingredients, so it's not all that bad. Plus, adding stuff like egg and meat always creates a heartier meal.

Do you just review noodles?
No. Occasionally on this site, I will review non-noodle Asian items like beverages, snacks, and candy. Click on the "other goodies" label to read about non-noodle related posts. And check back often for the latest stuff.

Where can I find extended nutritional information on items?
For the sake of time and space, I do not post the full nutrition label on this blog. Full nutritional facts can usually be viewed at the brand's official website.

May I link your blog or quote you on my website or blog?
Absolutely. Linking to my site is always welcome. I'm all about sharing my thoughts on these foods and making the noodle/ramen community grow.

Where do you get your pictures from?
For the most part, I take the pictures you see on this site.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Panasonic Lumix LX3. It's a compact high-end digital still camera that takes excellent photos. It comes with comprehensive manual controls like a digital SLR, and has a fast F2.0-F2.8 24-60mm (35mm equivalent) Leica DC Vario-Summicron lens. It also shoots 720p HD videos. I can't recommend this camera enough.

May I use your photos on my website/blog?
Please contact me before you post my photos on your website or blog. I usually don't have a problem with it as long as you're not profiting from them and you give me a small credit.

Who is this "Juliana" that you keep mentioning in reviews?
Juliana is my two-year-old daughter who is just about as much of a noodle freak as I am. Whenever we ask her what she wants to eat for dinner, the answer is almost always "noodles". Some of the time, we oblige. I think that writing her reaction and opinion on an item in the review gives people a fresh perspective from someone who is new to the noodle world.

I want to contact you.
Great, but that's not a question.

How can I contact you?
Posting comments is the most effective way of contacting me. Otherwise, you can send me a message through this form. (For security and anti-spam purposes, I will not post my e-mail address on here.)

But I am a company that wants to send you samples? How should I contact you?
Once again, going through the contact form will send messages directly to my personal e-mail address. Samples I receive from companies will be reviewed faster than normal items. But, be prepared for me to be brutally honest.