May 06, 2010

News: Ramen Heaven

There's a new game available for download on the Sony PSP called "Ramen Heaven".

Game summary from IGN:

Who says you can't play with your food? In this game based on the delectable Japanese staple, players maneuver their oil floating around in the bowl so that it can congeal into as big a blob as possible. If your blob comes in contact with some of the other ingredients floating in the broth, the oil will break up, so work carefully with your chopsticks to make it as big as you can. Mmmmm, that's good soup!
Sounds like a silly game. Do you even see the noodles in it? I've never tried making giant oil blobs in my own bowl of ramen. Have you? And if you've played Ramen Heaven, how is it?

The game was developed by SCE Studios Japan and was released on May 4, 2010. It costs $1.99, and is rated E for Everyone.