July 07, 2010

News: The Three Mysteries of Cup Noodles

Consumerist.com linked to renowned consumer product investigator Rob Cockerham's website in which he takes a look at three mysteries about Cup Noodles:
Mystery #1: Why is Cup Noodles Triple-Wrapped?
Mystery #2: How is One Supposed to Close the Lid?
Mystery #3: What Happened to the "OF"?
It's an interesting little write-up, though I can't say that I'm surprised about anything.

My Answer to Mystery #1: The paper seal at the top is to keep the contents in the cup, the plastic wrap is to keep all of the contents fresh, and the paper vest adds some needed vanity to the product. Cup Noodles is not the only brand to do these things. In fact, I would say that most cup noodles and bowl noodles are triple-wrapped.

My Answer to Mystery #2: Very true that the instructions are quite vague, though there might be legal issues of telling people to use something to weigh down the paper. For example, say a bowl of plate is awkwardly placed on top, it could cause the cup to fall over spilling all of the hot food on the table, carpet, or even worse, someone's lap. >.<

My Answer to Mystery #3: Noodles expand when they are cooked. Some space at the top and bottom is necessary. Take a look after you're done cooking the noodles. Top to bottom, yes siree Bob.