August 20, 2010

Review: Calpis Marshmallow

Calpis Marshmallow.

Those who keep up with this blog know that I am a big fan of Calpis Calpico Water. So, when I stumbled upon Calpis Marshmallow, I got really excited. After the jump, find out whether or not I liked it.

Calpis Calpico Water is imported into the United States and has appropriately Americanized packaging. This is not the case with Calpis Marshmallow. Aside from the name of the product, the packing is entirely in Japanese. There is a sticker on the back of the bag with the nutritional facts though. The packaging is attractive and in the same color scheme as the original Calpis flavor.

You can see the marshmallows through a window in the bag and they look attractive. They are more round than they are tubular like normal marshmallows, and they have little nipples. ^^; A small picture on the front of the package reveals that there is a liquid filling. Sweet!...?

A bite into a Calpis Marshmallow. It has a liquid center.

Opening the bag, you certainly get a whiff of straight up plain marshmallows. But when you actually take a bite, you realize it's something different. The texture is good and not too sugary. There's definitely the classic Calpis flavor inside. Looking at the ingredients, this must be because of the lactic acid, citric acid, and milk.

Now the filling, that's the interesting part. It's gooey and yellowish. The taste is bitter. I like the concept of putting a liquid filling in a marshmallow, but this wasn't pleasant.

A bunch of Calpis Marshmallows. They looks like eggs.

Juliana took one bite of this and didn't want anymore after. I can't really blame her as I'm not a big fan of it either. For marshmallow fans, this is probably worth a try, but your average person probably would not like it.